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What Are The Symptoms of Cataracts?

Blurry or dim vision, colors appearing faded, poor night vision, halos appearing around lights, and sensitivity to bright lights can all be symptoms of a cataract.

Age–related cataracts develop very slowly and painlessly. In fact, we may not even realize that our vision is changing until we find ourselves going to the eye doctor seeking a change in our eyeglass or contact lens prescription. It is often during one of these routine trips that the doctor will perform an eye examination and ask if we are experiencing any of the following symptoms.


Blur or Dimness

You may notice that no matter how many times you have your eyeglass or contact prescription updated you just can't see clearly.


Faded or Dull Colors

Many people report that things look dingy or that what they remember as once being very colorful isn't anymore.


Poor Night Vision

A cataract can make once routine tasks, like driving at night, very difficult.


Halos Around Lights

Cataracts can cause us to see bright halos around lights, especially oncoming headlights.


Sensitivity to Bright Light

You may notice that it has become more painful to walk out into bright sunlight or you may see exaggerated glare off of reflective surfaces like windshields.