After Cataract Surgery

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Life After Cataract Surgery

While each person's experience will be unique, here are a few things that most people experience during the weeks and months following cataract surgery.


  • Within the first month, your eye should fully recover. Your brain will continue learning how to work with your new IOL. If you have dry eyes, your physician may administer some mild dry-eye therapy drops.
  • Return for your follow-up visit a month later. If you need cataract surgery on your other eye, this is likely when that will occur. If you received a monofocal IOL and are not having surgery in your other eye, this is the time when you will be fitted for new eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Challenge your vision by engaging in a full range of activities. The more your eyes and brain work together, the more you will enjoy the results.
  • You will continue to adjust for the next 2 to 4 months, probably feeling and seeing great.We may still want to check your progress, especially if you have another eye condition.
  • If you develop a secondary cataract, where the posterior capsule holding the IOL becomes cloudy, which is not common, we will perform an in-office, follow-up procedure using a YAG laser.
  • At 6 months, your vision should be optimal. Do anything and everything you can.
  • At one year, and every year thereafter, have a complete eye exam by an eye care professional.

Your individual results may vary.